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This is the magical story of Poppy Lung, an inquisitive young girl full of questions and ideas who finds herself in the unusual position of being abducted by a giant crow. Delivered unceremoniously to a distant and other world, she discovers that her only hope of returning home is to find a mysterious prince who she is told can help her.


With little choice she sets off on a long journey where she meets the four elements as the ancients understood them: fire, water, earth and air, all represented by their corresponding animals. From each of them she starts to learn about their place within the world as well as her own. Her predicament soon becomes all the more urgent when she finds herself being pursued by a dark and menacing wind.


Poppy Lung is a homage to Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, as well as other fairy tales from the past but it is also very much its own story. Written with both older children and adults in mind, it is a tale of a young girl’s initiation into adulthood, the mysteries of nature and ultimately her awakening to the realisation of her own being.

Read this lovely review by Lola, age 12 Poppy Lung hand written book review

Paperback , 261 pages, containing 12 beautiful black and white illustrations by the author.


Poppy Lung black and white illustration 1Poppy Lung black and white illustration 2Poppy Lung black and white illustration 3

OB Publishing 2014

Poppy Lung black and white illustration 1Poppy Lung black and white illustration 2Poppy Lung black and white illustration 3

OB Publishing 2014


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8 reviews of “Poppy Lung

  1. Hollie

    A lovely review from Hollie from the Goodreads giveaway…
    5 of 5 stars
    Read from May 13 to 28, 2014

    I received this book as part of a Goodreads give-away – and thank you to Alex and Goodreads because I’m really glad I did!

    This is a sweet and mysterious story about a little girl called Poppy Lung and a crow who takes her to an “other world”, where she learns the answers to questions she never realised she had, including the big question of who she actually is. The book, like the characters within it, is very wise and thoughtful, and really the best way I can describe it is as it says in the blurb – “written with both older children and adults in mind”. It has the innocence and beauty of a child’s story, but the writing and depth of an adult’s.

    It has a similar style and uniqueness of Alice in Wonderland, and incorporates many stories and fairytales while still being one in itself. Poppy Lung (as she is referred to throughout the book) is a surprisingly wise and interested character and I loved following her story.

    The only issue I have is the story [ the squid tells of “Albia”, and his mistaking Poppy Lung for Albia, as I feel this could have been further investigated and could have created an interesting plot point. However I like the mystery left to the reader – did the squid just mistake Poppy Lung for Albia, or was she Albia in a previous life, or in a dream? I also love Poppy Lung’s realisation that we are a part of everything in the universe and everything in the universe is a part of us, as it really made me rethink the world around me. (hide spoiler)]

    To conclude, I really enjoyed this charming little book and found it to be unexpectedly wise and thought-provoking – and the beautiful poems and stunning illustrations scattered throughout really add to the story and give an idea of how the author imagined Poppy Lung as he wrote. 5 stars.

  2. Martin Hopley

    Have just finished the book, Poppy Lung by Alex Caird and I’m suitably impressed. All the way through the book I was wondering how I was going to describe it as it covers so many emotions and feelings. In the blurb on the back, it says “Poppy Lung is a homage to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland,” which is very close to the mark but I honestly feel it’s a faery tale in it’s own right.

    This is a faery tale from the golden age of storytelling.

    And what I really love and connect with is the “Innocence” of the story. It doesn’t try to ram messages or morals down your throat as I’ve seen so much of over the years, it simply tells you the adventure and there are messages but the reader can pick them out as they please.

    Well done, Alex, you might have written a classic.

  3. Sally

    Really enjoyed going on this journey with Poppy Lung, beautiful, quirky, thought-provoking, inspiring yet supremely down to earth and easy to read..every child (and grown-up) who has ever questioned their place or purpose in the world should have a copy of this book.

  4. Liz McDermid

    Poppy Lung is a cleverly told story of a young girl’s journey as she seeks to understand the world and her place in it. It addresses some big questions but in a very accessible way. The fantastical, dream-like setting makes all sorts of strange and wonderful characters and situations possible, but don’t worry if you are the sort of person who finds the fantastic or nonsensical difficult to imagine as the beautiful illustrations bring the book vividly to life. A lovely book – I’d definitely recommend it.

  5. Caroline Munday

    An intriguing story line incorporating stories within the tale; quirky poems and exquisite illustrations.
    Poppys adventure also takes the reader on their own voyage of self discovery – asking the the ever eternal question
    “Who am I”. A must read for teenagers and adults – I loved it!

  6. Sally Francis

    Well done Alex,

    My phone crashed and I could not respond t o your message the other day and lost all my numbers

    It appears to be working now but I no longer have your number.

    Well done!!

    All the best Sally x


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